Transistor turns 5 years old

Transistor from Supergiant Games was released on this day five years ago; is their second game following Bastion, the RPG that launched the Indie studio back in 2011, since then they have been one of the most respected independent studios.

Transistor lets you play as Red, a singer in the city of Cloudbank; she uses the Transistor(a mysterious, intelligent sword) to fight the Process, a legion of robots that are attacking the city.

I, unfortunately, havent play it myself; it has been in my library for far too many years, yes I should be ashamed, please don’t torment me. Transistor is available in enough platforms (PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch), so people like me don’t have excuses for not playing it.


Undertale + Deltarune Encore cd track list reveal

Last week I posted about an Undertale + Deltarune Fan Encore CD that will be released as a bonus by the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dreams in their July issue; the CD will include a selected number of tracks from their respective games.

Track list:

  1. Deltarune Test Tracks
    • Rude Buster
  2. Undertale Encore
    • SE Collection (Re-recording)
    • MEGALOVANIA (Re-recording)
    • Dreams and Hopes (Re-recording)
    • The Battle with the Real Hero (Re-recording)
    • Iseki
  3. Music Engine Orchestra
    • Iseki
    • Core / The Great Life or Death Struggle
    • To the fans

The CD will come with their July issue as a free bonus; the not so good part is that the magazine only sells in Japan, however, you can pre-order the Nintendo Dream Issue from Amazon Japan.

Are you gonna be picking this one? or is just a no for you?


Catacomb Kids gets new update!

Catacomb Kids just got an update after a month since its last one on April 22th. The primary attention to this update is the level generator: “There is also a boatload of new premade rooms that take advantage of some fun things now possible in the new level generator.” Here is everything this new version brings:

  • 4 New Boons!
    • Weapon Mastery
    • Martial Artist
    • Blastoff
    • Spin-dash
  • Completely rewrote level generator
  • Completely re-made Normal Bear fight
  • Added two new weapons, dropped by Normal Bear
  • Added collectible learning points
  • Added collectible blessing items
  • Bunch of new premade rooms
  • New type of treasure chest

Here is a detailed video of him going thru the update:

Tyriq Plummer, the developer of the game, apologized saying that the reason why I haven’t uploaded any new updates was that he was working on other projects, one of them being him working on UFO 50with Dereck Yu, Eirik Suhrke, Jon Perry, Paul Hubans and Ojiro Fumoto.


Dead Cells Rise of the Giant DLC Switch release next week.

The Nintendo Switch will be getting the free Dead Cells DLC Rise of the Giant next week, May 23rd, the Switch got ahead of the PS4 and the Xbox One since there haven’t been any announcements regarding the DLC.

Dead Cells is a Rogue-Lite Metroidvania develope by Motion Twin, the game came out last year, and it has an active community; is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This DLC adds a bunch of new features to the game:

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Hollow Knight physical release delayed

Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news, the worldwide PS4 released and the Europe Nintendo Switch versions of Hollow Knight have been delayed until June 28th. The North American Nintendo Switch and the PC releases are still set for May 31st. The statement was made on Fangame’s twitter.


Celeste Chapter 9 will add new story elements!

Matt Thorson wrote on his twitter that team was finishing up the script for Chapter 9, the DLC was planned, but apparently, they’ve changed their minds!

Celeste has been one of my favorite games from the past years; it’s a game I can recommend blindfolded!